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You can easily pre-order your border goods at directly from our webpage. We will then pack the goods and prepare them for you, when you visit your Alco Calle border shop in Tallinn Estonia. Simply pay the order in the store. Calle shop is located at the port D terminal in Tallinn. Close to the terminal with Viking Line and Tallink Line
If you pre-order special offers online and you wish to pick up after the offer is stopped, you will still get these items at the offered price - you will always get the pre-ordered alco goods at the cheapest possible price!

Super Alko offers and regular low prices at our border shop

We have more than 1000 super alco offers for beer, wine, spirits and cider - and you will always be able to see the current Calle Alko offers online.
If you want lowest price alcohol, you want to visit super Calle price!
Find Calles offers online and see the many products you can buy cheaply at us - Calle Winestore offers everything from Tobacco, Tallinn liqueur, Longdrink, Vodka, Whiskey, Cognac, Champagne, Cava, Red wine, White wine, Rosé wine, Heineken beer, Saku beer and much more cheap alcohol

Great savings on spirits

At Calle in Tallinn you can save a lot of money on alcohol in our huge borderline assortment.

Help and guidance ...

... Is always available at Calle in Tallinn. At the Calle Border Shop you will always meet our friendly staff who gladly will help and guide through our assortment. For example, when you are planning a party and needs help with the right choice of drinks. We will be happy to help you, so you are sure to have everything you need for a good party, such as an exciting welcome drink, the best recommendation on white wine / red wine to go with the food and a good cognac along with the coffee. You do not have to worry about buying too much or too little – just bring back all unopened bottles to Calle where you will get 100% refund, just bring the receipt.

Payment & parking

At Calle Tallinn you can pay by VISA, Mastercard or cash.
You can park your car right at the Nautica Keskus center. It is the new center, after reconstruction of the Norde Centrum.

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Online purchases from 35€ have a free delivery in Tallinn!

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